About Midwest Processors

Tom and Jenni began their business with cold pressing sunflower oil. As the business grew, the demand for high volume processing led the Smudes to form Midwest Processors. 
Our Company

Jenni and Tom Smude’s Sunflower Oil and grew their retail business, visit https://www.smudeoil.com/ Two straight years of crop devastation on the couple’s Central Minnesota farm tested their finances – and their faith. 


But, in 2010, they took a gamble and planted 60 acres of sunflowers. The test was a brilliant success.  Sunflowers soon covered 160 acres of blooming fields, providing the seeds for Smude Enterprises and its first product: cold-press sunflower oil that uses no heat or chemicals while maintaining the oil’s natural flavor nutrients.


Today, consumers across all 50 states who seek flavor and health benefits from oils for cooking, baking or dipping are choosing Jenni and Tom’s non-GMO, vitamin E-rich, heart-healthy sunflower oils. And chefs are taking note of their eight flavored-infused oils: Hot Fiery, Lemon, Lime, Tomato Basil, Garlic, Garlic Pepper, Mediterranean and Italian.


Encouraged by customers to create a microwave popcorn popped with their oils for a healthier snack with a light, and buttery taste, Jenni and Tom created Smude’s Microwave Popcorn, packaged using the first microwavable bag and seal expressly designed to contain their oil. The benefit: No preservatives or artificial ingredients added to the bag; just corn, salt and oil.


At groceries, co-ops, specialty stores and restaurants, Smude Sunflower Oil and Microwave Popcorn are fast becoming kitchen staples as their sunflower fields continue to bloom.

Hard Work
Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Hard work is second nature to Tom and Jenni. This work ethic translates to the rest of the team as goals are met, projects completed and ideas explored. 

Creating a quality product for use in a variety of industries keeps venues fresh and opportunities many. For more information on products generated with our Sunflower Oil, please visit www.smudeoil.com


Team members work together as a family to get the job done.  Completing their own responsibilities as well as helping others complete theirs.


Developing unique solutions to overcome challenges and expand opportunities is the pattern that has been set forth by Tom and Jenni. 

Environment & Sustainability

Treating the environment with respect and care is a strong theme for the Smudes. Making the best use of all products and byproducts of the processes has produced markets for not only the sunflower oil but also for the sunflower meal and hulls.