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For more information on prices, specifications, and availability,

please contact Chad at or 320-468-6925.

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High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin

Our heart healthy sunflower oil is great for a wide variety of applications such as human & pet food manufacturing, cooking/frying oil, and even as an industrial anti-sticking agent.

55 Gallon Barrel

$1.99 / lb

265 Gallon Tote

$2.09 / lb


$2.19 / lb


Sunflower Meal

25% to 30% Protein

Our sunflower meal is a nutritious feed source that contains between 25% to 30% protein.  It is can be used in rations for cattle (dairy and beef), horses, hogs, sheep, and goats. 

Super Sack   (chip/flake)

$240 / ton



$220 / ton

Powder Super Sack.jpg

Protein Sunflower Meal

35% to 40% Protein

Our high protein sunflower meal is extracted from our milled meal by using a simple sifting process that results finer particles which are high in protein. Can be used in pet food, human food, in the production of nutritional supplements. 

50 lb Bag

Super Sack



$200 / ton

Fiber Super Sack.jpg

Fiber Sunflower Meal

Milled 17% to 22% Protein

Our high fiber sunflower meal is a byproduct from extracting our protein powder. At nearly 20% protein, our high fiber sunflower meal is a cost-effective way to add protein to rations for cattle, horses, and hogs. 

50 lb Bag

Super Sack



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